Outside The (Cardboard) Box

Mar 20

Buffett Admits BN Purchase Was “Brain Fart”

Family granted power of attorney following episodes of bizarre behavior.

OTCB News Brief

The business world was rocked this weekend after learning billionaire investor Warren Buffett has been quoted describing Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK) recent purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BN) as a ‘brain fart’. Berkshire paid $34 billion to acquire the outstanding shares of BN they did not already own.

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Mar 15

Musings From TheNorth

Spring has really sprung here in TheNorth. On Sunday the sun was shining and temps were in the 50s(!). As I sat on the little 6 by 10 paver patio at the OTCB global headquarters shed Sunday morning and sipped a mug of Norseman Grog it was easy to forget for a moment that the Modern Economic Depression persists.

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Mar 10

Yves Smith for Dummies

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Mar 08

Support “Old Person Smell” Awareness Week

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Mar 06

Scientists Discover Thomas Friedman Wrong: World Is Round!

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Feb 26

California Legislature Enacts Unpopular Resolution

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Feb 15

Senate Considers Rule Modifications for Extended Service

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Feb 09

Really Depressing Jobs for the Economically Depressed

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Jan 27

State of the (Cardboard) Box

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Jan 21

China Shocks With Alt Lifestyle Policy

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Jan 19

The Cardboard Manifesto

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Jan 13

Building the Pyramid

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Jan 10

Murder At 1600

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Jan 06

@govTwits Daily Highlights

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Dec 31

New Year’s Resolutions from the Nation’s Capital

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